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The Trust is an independent national level multi-disciplinary research facilitative body of eminent professionals registered with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. It is set-up with a view to tap various issues and initiate research cum action oriented services into areas which help in attempting long term perspective and better insight into the shapes of events to unfold in several sphere of public activities. Thrust of the Trust is to focus different innovative research activities in social fields considering all socio-economic indicators. The Trust will be emerging as an inter-disciplinary research service provider with wide interest and capability in the area of opinion research, social research, communication research, market research, industrial research and allied related services. It will conduct several major assignments, which will benefit the general public. The Trust will further be an integral part of the economy and society, gathering and disseminating information on various topics. Thus any type of research with sound and scientific methodology fields high degree and development, are within the jurisdiction of this Trust.

Besides the above, the aims and objects of the Trust for which the same is established are as under:-

(1) To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the members of the Trust and also amongst the general public.

(2) To work as NGO for rural and urban development; and also in an integrated manner for overall effective development of the economy.

(3) To promote the cause of National Integration and unity of India and to fight against the forces of separatism in India.

(4) To render services to the women, children & youth of the country for their actual moral, social and economic rights.

(5) To undertake, advance, promote, impart, cultivate, improve, help, disseminate and encourage directly or indirectly both within India and abroad, the study and education, training, research and development in all such discipline as may be decided by the council of the Trust from time to time.

(6) To design, plan and execute projects for the protection of environment, ecology, and wild-life and study the effects of modern industrial advancement on our environment, undertake research and development for the protection of the environment, creating awareness amongst the people as to the causes and effects of imbalance in the environment and educating people on disaster management.

(7) To take up all developmental activities for the benefit of the people in different fields of life including market and industrial market studies/researches.

(8) To provide information on computer technology and allied information science.

(9) To undertake research and conduct surveys/studies in the fields pertaining to socio-economic development, education and health care etc.

(10) To conduct study especially in areas of HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases and suggest remedial measures.

(11) To publish Books, Charts, Illustrations, Journal, Magazines, Periodicals, News Letter /papers and publications in the different languages and on the different subjects.

(12) To undertake, promote, facilitate, aid, foster, and co-ordinate study, research and provide advisory services in the fields of conservation and sustainable development of natural resources, development of agriculture, promotion of agro based industries, agro-products with an eye of promoting overall rural development advisory services.

(13) To promote public morality and humanity, particularly checking tendency to cruelty towards human and non-human living beings and encourage compassionate feelings and kindness towards them by setting-up and maintaining institutions for the purpose or helping those.

(14) To facilitate international exchange of information and views on any of the fields as per Trusts guidelines/instructions for the purpose to promote, personal and friendly intercourse and encourage, assist, arrange, organize and hold meetings, conferences, workshops, discussions, discourses, lectures, seminars competitions or exhibitions.

(15) To receive financial and non-financial assistance from Government , non-government organizations, International Agencies, Bank and any other legal entity or individual.

(16) The activities and the branches shall spread all over India and also in different countries of the world, where the Trust may decide from time to time.

(17)The Trust may arrange, help to set-up medicals or hospitals and running them or granting of subscriptions and donations to various medical and other public institutions for administering medical relief to the needy.

(18) To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts, and other offerings in the shape of movable /immovable properties for the attainment of the aims and objects of the Trust.

(19) To promote E-Governance/Telecommunication in and outside the state.

(20) To take up all development and/or survey based issues.